Kangana has also been a part of many controversies. Bollywood is now scared of Kangana because of her no-nonsense attitude and her sharp tongue. by trendingmint.com 

She recently said that star kids get work because there are directors who give them work.  Kangana feels nepotism is overtaking and star kids have zero talent.

When the SSR case was going on, she was one of the few people who tried to expose bollywood and many felt she had guts.

Kangana appeared in Koffee with karan a few years back and created a stir after she insulted Karan Johar. She referred to Karan as being intolerant to outsiders and called him as the movie mafia. Kangana infact said so many things about Karan Johar that it really stumped him. She made an appearance with Saif Ali Khan in that episode. Source of pics- Google and Instagram